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Diane Carmel Léger, old breakwater, Memramcook, NB. Canada

"It's impossible to imagine Acadian children's literature without Diane Carmel Léger's novels."

Sylvie Mousseau
Acadie Nouvelle

Diane at the old breakwater, Memramcook, NB, Canada

Photo: Skip Wallin

My Books

Why I Write

I write mostly to make Acadian history and culture more accessible to all. It is my passion. My novels celebrate the bonds Acadians have with the Mi’kmaq, Cajuns, Germans and others. My picture books were inspired by personal experiences, such as helping to save the tallest Sitka spruce in the world.



Göçmenlerin Gizli Dostu, the turkish translation of Piau's Potato Present is by Yeniinsan, is available on Amazon or at

Das Geschenk des Akadiers oder Die wahre Geschichte des Kartoffelkloßes, the German translation of Piau's Potato Present is available in hardcover by Mons, is in bookstores in Germany or at

Illustration by Jean-Luc Trudel, My Two Grandmothers, Nimbus Publishing, 2016

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