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Picture Books for Children

Memere Soleil
My Two Grandmothers

ISBN 978-1-77108-400-0
32 pages

Illustrations by Jean-Luc Trudel

Nimbus Publishing,  2016



My Two Grandmothers

A heartwarming and humorous account of the author's Acadian Mémére and Scottish Nannie who seem to have nothing in common… yet their love for their grandchildren brings them together.

The overall result is a homey, comfortable and easy-going feel… a quiet, thoughtful book, with a deep message of respect and acceptance for ways that may be different but equally valued. Highly Recommended.

Gillian Richardson, Canadian Materials


Excellent. The author’s style invokes a sense of nostalgia for grown-ups, and effectively conveys the special bond grandchildren have with their grandmothers.               

Véronique Lavoie, Resource Links

My Two Grandmothers is a captivating story of differences and similarities in a loving and lovely Canadian context, though Canadian and non-Canadian readers will both benefit from the glossary of French and Scottish vocabulary. (A listing of how to say "grandmother" and "grandfather" in over  20 languages is also included.) 

Can Lit For Little Canadians

Finalist - Alice Kitts Memorial Award for Excellence in Children's Writing

Selected for the 2017 TD Summer Reading Program

Emily Carr's Attic
Emily Carr's Attic

Emily Carr's Attic

When Paul and his mother move into an apartment for the summer, the old gentleman next door introduces him to a menagerie of new "friends" in the attic of the House of All Sorts.

Diane Léger writes a many-layered story of discovery, imagination,
and artistry, told through the viewpoint of a young boy named Paul. Illustrations and text work very well together…

Gwyneth Evans,
Quill and Quire

I highly recommend this book to public and elementary school libraries. Used as an introduction to Emily Carr: an introduction to junior art classes: an example of “imagination” or just a good story, t
his book cannot fail.

Dorothy Dodge, B.C. Teacher-Librarians’Association


Canada Selected for Best Books for Kids & Teens 2009

Recommended by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, 1991

ISBN 978-1-55143-9-587
24 pages

Illustrations by Michel Léger

Orca Book Publishers, 1990


Who's in Maxine's Tree?

Who's in Maxine's Tree?

A giant Sitka spruce and an endangered seabird protect each other from extinction in this sequel to Maxine's Tree.

…the book displays a heart-felt and deep-rooted concern for the environment…would work well in a lesson in the classroom.

 Geneviève M.Y. Valleau, The Manitoba Library Association


Nice story and illustrations combine to gently teach the value of protecting natural habitats.                          

Tacoma Public Schools, Tacoma, Washington, USA


Resource Links “The Year’s Best”

ISBN 978-1-55143-346-2
32 pages

Illustrations by Darlene Gait

Orca Book Publishers, 2006


Rosette and the Muddy River

Rosette and the Muddy River

Rosette is a little girl who is always perfectly clean. One day she goes fishing with her father and encounters the irresistible mud of the Fundy tidal flats on the banks of the Petitcodiac River.

Rosette's conversion from spotless prig to mud puppy is thoroughly satisfying, and the book reflects the landscape and culture of Acadian New Brunswick, just as Pamela Cambiazo’s illustrations resemble regional folk art.

Janet McNaughton, Books in Canada


Léger describes the muck with such appealing food symbols that a young audience will be tempted to join Rosette in discovering what e.e. cummings describes as the “mudluscious” world.  

Leanne Goodall, Canadian Children’s Literature

Recommended by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, 1991

Sorry, this book is sold out

ISBN 978-0-920501-65-6
32 pages

Illustrations by Pamela Cambiazo

Orca Book Publishers, 1990


Maxine's Tree
Maxine's Tree

ISBN 978-0920501382
32 pages

Illustrations by  Darl Churcher

Orca Book Publishers, 1990


Maxine's Tree

After Maxine and Eddie see a mountainside that has been clearcut, Maxine thinks of a plan to help save not only her favourite tree, but all the trees in the ancient rainforest.

Maxine’s Tree is the voice of a child of the new generation. It deals with the comprehension children have about the unity of man and the natural world. It is the kind of book I wish I had had when I was a child.

Farley Mowat

... the idea of personal choice and individual acts resulting in gentle social change is movingly expressed for a young audience. The text is gracefully written and the illustrations successfully convey the dense, dark beauty of the rainforest.                                                                      Judith Saltman, B.C. Bookworld

It can stand alone as a good book for young children, but would also make a terrific starting point for a multitude of discussions, both about the environment and about each person’s ability and responsibility to make a difference.

Quill and Quire

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre Choice 1991

Recommended by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, 1991

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