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Children's Author

School Presentation
for Grades 1 to 4

Each of my picture book presentations lasts 45 minutes. After reading the book accompanied by projected illustrations, I guide the students in a brief activity, followed by an interactive slideshow that ends with a Q&A session.

My Two Grandmothers

In this true story about my grandmothers, I imitate my Acadian Mémére and my Scottish Nannie, who have nothing in common but the love for their grandchildren. Children get in the spirit of this gentle and amusing comparison and they are always eager to talk about their grandparents.

Maxine's Tree

In this story about my family’s efforts to help save old-growth rainforests from clear-cutting, my little girl’s unique way of saving a tree catches on. I show photos of the big trees such as the Carmanah Giant, the Elephant Tree and the real Maxine’s Tree.

Emily Carr's Attic

Illustrated by my brother Michael, this story draws upon my living in the House of All Sorts, formerly owned and inhabited by Emily Carr, one of Canada’s most celebrated artists. This presentation has photos of Carr’s many pets, her extraordinary attic, and her famous paintings.


Diane Carmel Léger singing
My Two Grandmothers
Maxine's Tree
Emily Carr's Attic



"All three classes and teachers found your presentations very engaging and informative. Many students commented on how much they enjoyed your props and your singing.


My Two Grandmother's is a fantastic story. The students were able to make personal connections to and they also enjoyed learning how to say "Grandmother" in different languages. I loved that you showed the illustrations on the smartboard but "told" the story rather than simply reading it. 


Maxine's Tree emphasized the messages we have been sharing with the students all year about how they can make a difference in the world by standing up for what they believe in. Hearing the account of how your daughter made a difference at such a young age was very inspiring."

Laura Stoddard, vice-principal, McDonald Consolidated School, Kingston, New Brunswick


Thank you for being so flexible and doing such a wonderful job at our school.  The teachers have been raving about your presentation and telling me how much the children enjoyed it.


Elizabeth Hill, Truro Elementary, Truro, Nova Scotia


TD 2017 Children's Book Week, Knoxville Christian School, Knoxville, ON
Photo : Paul Marcus, Principal

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