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for Grades 5 to 8

Piau's Potato Present


Piau's Potato Present

In this 45-50 minute presentation, I explain what it is to be an Acadian, share how I became a writer, and deliver my interactive version of Acadian History, with props and projected images of some historical sites depicted in this book. I speak of the collaoboration of the Acadian survivors and the first German settlers in the Monckton Township, who share a cultural and culinary link.This is followed an activity based on the deportation of the Acadians. 

Illustration by Tamara Thiébaux-Heikalo. From Piau's Potato Present,
Bouton d'or Acadie, 2014



The Lookout Tree


In this 45-50 minute presentation, I explain what an Acadian is share how I became a writer, and deliver my interactive version of Acadian History, with props and projected images of some historical sites depicted in this novel which takes in the forest of Southeastern New Brunswick. This is followed by a very popular activity, which I am told leaves a lasting impression on the students.


"The personal photos and background information provided was very helpful in allowing students to visualize and understand the geographical regions and Acadian culture as well as helping them to understand how to create interesting stories from life situations."

Laura Stoddard, vice-principal, McDonald Consolidated School, Kingston, NB

“All comments I have for you are extremely positive. The students really enjoyed your presentation and the teachers were thrilled with the correlation to their curriculum outcomes. Teachers thought you had a great combination of passion for your work, visuals to support and activities that engaged the students. I would like to thank you for delivering presentations that were relevant to our classes from grades 3 up to grade 8 and for sharing your experience and enthusiasm for writing. It was an amazing experience for our school!”

Catherine Kieley, Acting Vice Principal, Riverview East School, Riverview, NB

“I received many comments from various libraries during the two tours you did in the New Brunswick Public Library system for Lire à tout vent and Hackmatack. They were all positive. Your presentation skills and great storytelling have always come up in the reports that the library would submit to me. I also had the pleasure to watch the presentation in one of our libraries in November 2015. They loved your small activities and were so engaged in your presentation and asked so many questions. All libraries reported to me that you can definitely capture children’s attention, which is a feat in itself.”

Karine Lelièvre, Reference Librarian, Mgr-W.-J.-Conway Public Library, Edmundston, NB

Hillcrest Middle School, Missisaugua, ON, 2011 - After the study of La butte à Pétard
Photo : Karen Pawson

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